Tax Free Savings & Investments

Investing in a tax free savings or investment account is something that every working South African should be doing.

These savings and investments are no questions asked tax savings made available by the South African Governemnt to every South African.

Tax Free Off-shore Investments

Tax Free Off-shore investments give you maximum growth and if you select to invest in a fund with low administration fees, your tax free investments will deliver excellent returns.

There is a large variety of off-shore funds that you are able to invest with, each with a different risk profile.

If you are looking to maximise your investment returns, an off-shore Tax Free investment account could just be the perfect vehicle for you to achieve your investment goals

Invest Wisely

Whether you choose to take up your tax free investment option with a lump sum or with a monthly payment, at we have the most cost efficient investment offerings designed specifically for you.

How much can I invest?

You can invest a maximum of R33 000 per year in a tax free savings/Investment.

You can invest monthly amounts from as little as R250 per month, or make a single lump sum investment of a maximum of R33 000/year or R500 000 in your lifetime.

Where is the money invested?

The money you invest in a tax free investment can be from a diverse range of investment products including, savings accounts, Unit trust accounts which may be low to high risk and a number of other investment vehicles.

Can I invest in Foreign funds?

Yes, the tax free investments can include oiffshore equities. It is your propensity for risk that will determine the best p[lace for you to invest your tax free investments.

Tax Free Investment Options

Depending on the stage of life you are in and your propensity for risk, there are numerous ways you can take advantage of  Tax free investments.


Tax free savings account

Taking out a tax free savings account where your capital is guaranteed. If capital growth is not a priority and you want your initial invested capital guaranteed, this is very conservative.


Impact Investing

The versatility and range of risk profiles offered by Unit Trusts is an ideal way for those seeking maximum returns from their tax free investments. All the growth is Tax free.


Saving for a purpose

Your savings goals may be for a childs education, to buy a new car or supplement your pension.  Let one of our experienced financial planners help you select the right account for your goal.

Tax free investments FAQ

What are the best tax free investments in South Africa?

The best tax free investments are the ones that help you meet your savings goals in the time frame that you have to invest.

By way of example, a 28 year old woman with no children, would have a different savings goal to a 58 year old man who is retiring at 60 years old.

Contact us for completely free tax free savings advice.

Can I transfer my tax free savings account from one provider to another?

Yes you can transfer a tasx free savings account between financial service providers.

Some financial service providers have minimum amounts that can be transferred.

To ensure you are getting the right tax free investments for your investment goals, chat to one of our investment professional.

Are the returns on my investment taxable at any level?

No, the returns on your investments are 100% tax free.

Even if the fund you choose has an extraordinary good return, the total retun is tax free.

Do I have access to the money I invest in a Tax free savings account?

Yes, you have access to your money at any stage when invested in a tax free savings account.

Investments of this nature are intended to be longer term investments with at least a 5 year investment window.

Can I invest in ETF's tax free?

Yes, certain exchange traded funds are available to tax free investors.

Contact us for more information on ETF’s and wrapped funds for your tax free investments.